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Forward Motion

by Lily McKown

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released September 27, 2014

All artwork done by Carly McKown
Thanks Lizzie Potter for helping me record



all rights reserved


Lily McKown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sure It Won't Last
I wanna make my mark on this earth
Got one week to live
Then I’m leaving you for a while

It’s not as easy as you think
Some people take life for granted

But it won’t feel like too long
If you just forget the past
And just keep moving forward
Then I’m sure that it won’t last

If you forget me
I’ll remember you
If you remember me
Then you know that I will too

Who do I need to see?
My minds filled all the way
Wish I had more time to stay

But what the future hold is somewhat exciting
Maybe you’ll see what you were missing
Once you leave
Maybe it won’t be too long till you see
Track Name: People Change
People change
I wish I could trust you like before
People change
I wish we could do things like before
People change

I’m scared of this place
It’s not the place I knew before
I’m scared of this place
I never feel safe when I lock my door

I just wanna leave
And never go back home
Just wanna leave
And never go back home

You have no idea why there was a fight
You have no idea what’s wrong or right
So just forget that I’m alive
Just forget for just some time

You know you’re not innocent
You know that your not
So how come you conceal the truth
There’s no lesson being taught
Track Name: Never
You never wrote back did ya
You never returned my calls
I do all these things for ya
But you still don’t talk at all

You never came back did ya
I never understood
You said I’ll be back
But I knew you never would
Track Name: Screwed
I hate leaving things
It always makes me feel upset
I wish I could go back

Today’s the day
The last day
I know tomorrow
I’m gonna pay

Cause you left me in the dust
What am I supposed to do?
I never knew I could be this screwed

Nothing helps
Nothing heals

If you convince yourself
That it’s okay
I know that you can kill some pain
But the medicine wears off

And that’s when I fall apart
The moment you depart

I just break into pieces
I just break into pieces

Even when I feel better
I still feel a missing piece
Nothing will ever be the same again
No matter how hard you try to pretend
Track Name: New
When spring comes around
When falls coming down
Everything changes

Don’t feel the same
But I’m glad it came

Yea I’m still ashamed

It will never be
The way you want it to be

It will never be
The way you planned it to be

I guess that that’s just
I guess that that’s just fine
I guess that that’s just
I guess that that’s just the sign
Of a new life
Of a new time