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Took a Wrong Turn

by Lily McKown

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released May 10, 2016

Artwork by Carly McKown



all rights reserved


Lily McKown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Weeks
I've been hearing things for weeks
everyday is worse
and I can't sleep

If not tomorrow next week
we'll reconcile
Track Name: A Loser's Story
I see you
but you don't see me
I'm a fool for believing the things you told me

I want more
but you don't want me
wish I had some security

I drive myself
too crazy
burning every dime I have

My brain is full
but my pockets are empty
and it's a fair trade

I'm not ashamed but I may as well be
I tore up everything you gave me
So now do you forgive me?

Everything's in pieces
and that's the way I want It to be

Don't want you filthy mouth on me
Track Name: Outbid
I'm waiting out here
five minutes away
make up a story and you'll be okay

Close up the window
pretend your in space
just try to think back on the good things

Someone is calling
I forget his name
E.J. smokes out
before his plane

turn on some music
stare at that kid
he's turning out better than you ever did

It didn't have to over boil
you know you could have waited
but I was way outbid
Track Name: Workaholic
Well I could explain this story
In just a few simple lines
but sometimes words on paper
are a waste of time

so i head on downstairs
pink icing on the cake
saying take a break

But you're working too hard
Still I'm gonna starve
and i might just fall apart
Track Name: Dominant Discussion
There's a single kid
sitting in the corner of the class
he's never comfortable in his own skin
but he's hoping he's gonna pass

Last night was a nightmare
today It still continues
he's just praying for some peace

got called out in the hallway
and they had their feast
knocked him out cold

well now the ice won't help the healing
he's way over that
it weighs on his back for another reason
that they can't seem to grasp
Track Name: No Such Thing As Luck In This Town
Found you buried
in the deepest part of Tennessee
Still I wonder...
what you'll turn out to be

You're working 7 days
round clock
every week

This place is empty
i'm searching for company
earning hard cold cash
is not so easy

Didn't mean to end up here
It was all an accident
but maybe accidents are okay

I was gonna call you
I wished you the best of luck
but there is not such thing as luck in this town

still I'm waiting
Track Name: He Cut His Hair, Now I Don't Like Him Anymore
He cut his hair
now there's nothing to stare at in class
he cut his hair
now there's no reason to get there so fast

He cut his hair
there better be a good reason behind this
because I'm lonely
and it's all
I miss